Diamond blade technology

With the vast array of diamond blades available across the industry, selecting the right product to suit your requirements can sometimes feel a little like wading through mud. To help our customers we have produced a  guide, to cut through the industry terminology and help you understand the meaning and significance of the features and benefits of Duro diamond blades and to help you specify the correct blade to match your application. This guide will give you all the information from the correct type of segment needed for your application through to the benefits of cooling holes and gullets. If you need any further information on our products please call us or get in touch through to our social media accounts and we’ll be happy to provide any information you may need.

By choosing a Duro UK product you are guaranteed to be selecting the best quality product available to the UK market, we have over 1200 line items for cutting, drilling, grinding and breaking with a product, price and performance level to suit every user. All of our products are globally compliant, utilising the highest quality raw materials and production procedures so we can deliver the highest possible quality products to our customers.

To download the terminology guide to the support page and download the Duro catalogue.